The Person


Kalyanaraman Venkatesan


A Biker by Passion and an IT Professional by the day. 

My technical inclination drove me towards the IT sector whereas the urge to contribute to the welfare of the society pushed me towards my mission. 

The passion for Riding and Driving led me on a path which is now converted into a MISSION – SAFER INDIAN ROADS. Last 6 years of my life have been spent on dedicating myself to first understand, and then educate the society on how self-discipline and awareness is vital for personal safety on Indian roads. I have titled the drive as – MISSION SAFER ROADS

As a responsible citizen, lots of issues intrigue me. One Cause which is close to my heart is the sensibility to GIVE WAY TO AMBULANCE and saving lives by providing immediate help during an emergency. I have always had the urge to promote and create awareness about GOOD SAMARITAN. We do this by way of sensitizing people to respond and take action when they see an Ambulance with Siren. 

My quest to spread the awareness on these issues have pushed me find the right place to begin my campaign. The youth and today’s generation are the key people on the road driving the country. Schools, Colleges and Corporates have given me the wide platform where I can address the basic need for self-discipline and following Traffic rules. I initiate the discussion with importance of HELMETS and choosing the right one for protection and converge the topic on empathizing with the other drivers on the road, especially – the Ambulance! 

I have been one of the Grantees for the UL YSA program of Safer Roads Safer India.

So far more than 600 sessions conducted for colleges, schools and corporates have encouraged me to share my vision with 150000 eager audiences till date, comprising Students and Teachers. Various corporates have shown their solidarity in my belief by offering their valuable work-force time for helping me cover over 8000 eager listeners. I have also conducted sessions for driving license applicants at the RTO, Pune.

My sessions are completely voluntary and I do not believe in monetary benefits.

My pet cause of course is GIVING WAY TO AMBULANCE! How I promote the cause is by having a plate on my bike which reads “ALWAYS GIVE WAY TO AMBULANCE, EMPATHIZE. SOMEDAY, IT COULD BE YOU”. The visual impact it has created so far has been immense and hope people recall it the moment they see an ambulance stuck in traffic and raise to the occasion!!