Some Citizens Are Silently Working To Make The City a Better Place To Live

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He whistles to make way for ambulances rushing patients to hospitals through bumper-to-bumper traffic, making a differ ence between life and death.Meet software engineer Kalyanaraman Venkatesan. He has taken it upon himself to spread awareness about the importance of clearing the way for ambulances.


Harassment fear hinders help to accident victims

Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Mission Safer Roads, Times of India, Pune, Good Samaritan, Helmet, Accident

However, the awareness

about it is poor. Good Samaritan

are the people who help accident

victims. “Mass media

tools, including television and

radio, should be used to spread

awareness about these directives, road

safety adviser Kalyanaraman

Venkatesan said.


Say Yes To Helmets


Founder of the NGO Mission Safer Roads, Kalyanaraman Venkatesan too shared similar views. He said, "Through our NGO we have been reaching out to the youngsters and making them realise that once they have a serious head injury little can be done to reverse the effects completely. 


Awareness chips away at reluctance

Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Mission Safer Roads, Times of India, Road Safety, Pune

Education and enforcement must go hand in hand to effect real change, said Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, a citybased

road safety expert who has conducted more than 50 such sessions across the city


Accident survivors thank helmet for second shot at life


Across town, Warje resident Kalyanaraman Venkatesan was so moved by the accident his cousin Shrinivas Balasubramanian suffered on his two wheeler three years ago in Mumbai, that he now conducts lectures for schools, colleges and corporates to educate them about helmets and their correct use. 


Helmets in colours, designs a style statement

Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Helmet, Road Safety, Mission Safer Roads, Pune, Times of India, Pune

Sharing his observations on conducting awareness sessions among college students and corporate employees

about use of helmets, city-based road safety expert Kalyanaraman Venkatesan says, “Most people are

clueless about the correct selection and use of helmets. Many come back with lots of questions. I always insist

on using only branded varieties of helmets.“


Helmet rule good, execution tough task

Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Pune, Helmet, Road Safety, Mission Safer Roads, Times of India

Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, who has been promoting helmets among college students and corporates, expressed hope that the rule would bring much-needed change in people's perception. "Execution may be difficult in the beginning. But if seriously enforced, people will understand that there is no better option. 


Trio play good Samaritan, save young accident victim

Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Mission Safer Roads, Pune, Good Samaritan, Road Safety, Times of India

Hailing the initiative of the three girls, city-based activist Kalyanaraman Venkatesan said, "Not many people know about the new standard operating procedures (SOP) to protect good samaritans, who save accident victims. Everyone thinks the other person will do it and very few stop to help. Most fear that they will become victims of a cycle of harassment.  


Kalyanaraman Venkatesan- a biker and social activist

Always Give Way to Ambulance, Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Kalyan, Road Safety, Amnulance, Helmet

If you spot a Royal Enfield motorcycle in Pune with a board stating “ALWAYS GIVE WAY TO AMBULANCE. EMPATHIZE, SOMEDAY IT COULD BE YOU”, then it is of Kalyanaraman Venkatesan.  


Road rule activists rubbish helmet scarcity theory


Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Founder of Mission Safer Roads, said .. 


Indifference and ignorance mar counselling session

kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Times of India

The session was addressed by deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Tejaswi Satpute, regional transport officer Babasaheb Ajri, activists Qaneez Sukhrani and Kalyanaraman Venkatesan


Counselling of Puneites throws up surprises

Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Sakal Times

 Kalyanraman Venkatesan of Mission Safer Roads said any common citizen can act as a traffic ambassador. 


The tin-pot helmet man of Pune


There is no arguing about the need to maintain certain standards for the helmet and city-based helmet expert, Kalyanaraman Venkatesan underscored



Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, Helmet, Pune Mirror

Almost echoing his thoughts, Kalyanaraman Venkatesan, an engineer who runs an NGO named Mission Safer Roads and offers counselling on road safety and helmet use to youngsters seeking learners’ license at the Regional Transport Office (RTO), reiterated,


Cops start helmet drive in government offices with lessons


But not many are ready to buy his theories. Working professional and Mission Safer Roads Founder Kalyanaraman Venkatesan said,