Our Mission to Make Indian Roads Safer

Statistics and Causes of Road Accidents. Reducing the number of Road Accidents by educating and creating awareness is needed to save lives on the Roads.

Road Accidents

1. Nearly 1.5 lakh people were killed in accidents last year compared to 1.46 lakh in 2015

2. At least 410 people lost their lives daily in road accidents across India last year compared to 400 lives in 2015

3. Uttar Pradesh accounted for most such fatalities (3,818), followed by Tamil Nadu (1,946) and Maharashtra (1,113). 

4. A study by the United Nations last year had estimated wearing an appropriate helmet improves chances of survival of bikers by 42%. 

5. About 68% of the total number of people killed were in the age group of 18-45 years, which is the most productive age.

Causes of Road Accidents

1. Drink & Drive/Ride

2. Over Speeding

3. Mobile Phones

4. Reckless Driving/Riding

5. Driving without Seat Belt

6. Riding Without Helmet

7. Stress or Illness

8. Thrill or Challenge

9. Climatic Condition

Let us all Pledge not to use any of the above while riding or Driving.