Helmet Fit

The motorcycle helmet should fit you snug. A sung fit helmet when moved should move along with your skin, leaving no gap between your skin and the helmet padding. When the helmet is on you should feel even pressure being exerted all over your head. Try moving the helmet from left to right to see if it fits right on your cheek. Next you may try moving it up and down with your hands to see if the helmet fits you tight on your forehead. The helmet tends to loosens up a bit as the inner padding liner compresses after regular usage. A new helmet should be comfortably uncomfortable after wearing it.

Now, with the helmet on your head try a few more check to decide if the helmet fits you snug. Try a roll test by rolling the helmet forward while it sits on your head firm and with your chin strap fastened, roll the helmet forward with your head straight. If your helmet pulls off, that indicates the helmet is too big for your head. You must try a smaller size. When a helmet fits your too tight it tends to create red spots on your forehead and your head may feel sore.  If the pressure points are pressed for a long period of time, then there are chances where you could get a headache after using the helmet for long. Every helmet has a different fitting and could make you feel uncomfortable. A snug fit helmet being used by you may not always fit your friend snug. Human heads are not of the same shape, so are helmets.

If you still have a feeling that your helmet isn’t fitting you snug, you may try wearing it for a while and move around the store to see if it turns out to be comfortable after a bit of use. If you are trying the helmet on for the first time it may be difficult for you to decide if the helmet is actually uncomfortable.

The colour, price and looks of the helmet should be your last point of consideration. As, a helmet fit is more important than the graphics and colour. Wearing a full-face helmet gives maximum protection as it covers all of the head and face. A half face helmet would leave your face exposed during an impact. The helmet visors are usually made of shatterproof material and could protect you from sharp objects getting in.

Always Wear a Helmet, even if you travel a short distance or ride at a low speed. Head injuries are irreversible